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To arrange a piano tuning call 07825 867921

Piano Tuning

It is recommended a piano should be tuned every 6 months and a minimum of once a year.
The biggest issues with pianos are temperature and humidity (particularly with older instruments) so it's recommended they're kept at a constant temperature. Pianos are constructed almost entirely of wooden components that are susceptible to drying out and cracking, so it's strongly advised not to put them over underfloor heating or in close proximity to radiators.

Old pianos are particularly affected as they were made before central heating, so if your piano was made before the 50's, it will benefit from a cool, stable atmosphere. 

Pianos occasionally require minor repair work. This could be a loose hammer, a broken key, or a squeaky pedal. The best way to find out if it needs repairing is to get in touch for advice. Little problems can be sorted at no extra cost.

Appointments are available for tunings in Norfolk and Suffolk. Other areas will be considered for additional cost.


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